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5 Things to Things to Think About When Starting a Remodeling Project

This month has been a crazy time in our home. Right after our summer vacation, we got started on some remodeling projects. I had forgotten how disruptive this can be for the household and now with a little one running around it added a whole new level of chaos to it....

Case Study: Hollywood Hills Home For Sale

This is a case study of a home we sold in Hollywood Hills. We loved working with these sellers they were very funny and kept things light and entertaining. They also worked diligently to get their home ready to sell. Listing a home is a team effort both the homeowners...

Top 5 Real Estate Negotiating Strategies to Save Big Money

When negotiating a transaction you never want to come across like you are in an urgent situation. This gives out a vibe of desperation and you lose control of the negotiations when you are in a desperate place. You always want to come across as calm and give the impression that you will take it leave it…

What is a Comparative Market Analysis (Comparables)?

A comparative market analysis is one of the most important tools in a real estate agent’s arsenal. Why? Because sometimes one of the most misunderstood steps of the home selling process is setting the sales price. Sellers often get overrun with the emotional...

7 Tips for a Smooth Home Loan Process

The home loan process can be a success if you are well prepared and informed. Before you begin your home search, it is a good idea to check your credit for any inaccurate information or disputed accounts that may affect the approval process. Here are 7 important rules...

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