7 Ways to Save on Your Homeowner’s Insurance Every Month

Do you know most people are overpaying on their homeowner’s insurance every month?

Here I talk about 7 ways you may begin saving right away.

Start by getting a Wind Mitigation Inspection. This is a thorough inspection of your home that documents how hurricane ready your home is. If your home is over 30 years sold you will also need to get, a 4 Point Inspection.

Here are 7 Ways You May Be Able to Save on Your Homeowner’s Insurance

1 – Hurricane Shutters, Panels and High Impact Windows
Any of these 3 types of hurricane protection will work. If you have the panels make sure they have the Miami-Dade County Approved Sticker on them and they may qualify to help you get a reduction on your insurance.

2 – Roof
Your roof doesn’t have to be brand new, but if you have a newer roof that is a few years old, with all the proper permits you may be able to get a nice break.

3 – Alarm
If you have a burglar alarm that is connected to the police and fire department. You can contact your alarm provider for a certification and send that over to your insurance for a price break.

4 – Garage Door
If your garage door is hurricane proof, there’s another potential reduction.

5 – Exterior Doors
If your front door and all other doors are hurricane proof as well.

6 – Fire Hydrant
If you have a fire hydrant within about 1,000 feet of your home, you may be able to get a reduction for that too.

7 – Over Insuring
This one is super important. Most homeowners are over insuring their homes. You don’t need to insure land only the home and contents within the home. If the value of your property is 300,000, but it would take $230,00 to rebuild your home and replace all the items within your home – you only need to insure your home for $230,000. So keep this in mind when you are getting those insurance quotes.